Feel Beautiful

We are all about women!

Flower Girls! If you really want to bless someone with a gift, think about inviting them to a Workshop – it is an experience and a gift all in one. A chance to connect with women, learn a new skill, and go home with something BEAUTIFUL!

In addition to the amazing Workshops that we do, we have also got beautiful GIFT BOXES and STARTER KITS.

The yearning in our hearts and purpose of this endeavor is to remind each and every woman and girl that she is precious. This is a blessing and burden that God has impressed on our hearts. We want women to enjoy themselves. Liberally!

“Tell My girls that I love them. That they are Mine. Tell them that I am not put off by their ‘mess’, The Veil I see them through renders them PERFECT. Tell my girls that I don’t need their sacrifice – I already provided one. Tell them I don’t need them to suffer to know Me, I took care of that too. Tell them to come as they are and not put it off for another day. Tell them He is coming and they should start sprinkling petals to prepare the way for His Bride.”

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